Bergamot and pomegranate juice 200ml conf. 12 Pz


The bergamot and pomegranate juice of the Valle Armenia company is perfectly balanced. The sour and decisive flavor of the bergamot is somewhat blunted by the pomegranate. The result is that of an extremely healthy and enjoyable juice at the sip. Bergamot is a practically legendary citrus fruit. The origins of the name are uncertain, what is certain, however, are the incredible beneficial properties of this magnificent fruit. Bergamot is in fact a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, at the same time it helps to inhibit and decrease cholesterol and glucose in the blood. In short, a real superfood! if you don't know this fruit then it's time to try it.

Ingredients: 70% pomegranate juice, 30% bergamot juice



This bergamot and pomegranate juice is the perfect cross between taste and well-being. The notes of the pomegranate blend harmoniously with the bitter notes of the bergamot. A natural and well-being juice.


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