Bergamot sorbet 100% Organic 750ml


It is a touch of taste at the end of a meal and can also be a sweet alternative required at other times of the day, for a break or with a snack.

Bergamot sorbet is ideal if you want to offer customers an inviting idea and, why not, also healthy; it's sweet enough, fresh and its consistency allows you to enjoy it even with a spoon.



water- Fresh Bergamot juice 100% biological
Organic sugar.

Method of conservation

To freeze 12 hours before.
Remove 30 minutes before from the freezer.

Nutritional information
average values ​​for 100ml

Energy: 636 kj / 147 kcal
Fat: 5,0 g
Carbohydrates: 24 g
Proteins: 0 g
Sale: 0,05 g

Bergamot juice: property

There are now several scientific studies that confirm what the tradition had already intuited: bergamot has several beneficial properties and contains many substances with proven health effects on the human body. Here are the main ones.

Anticolesterol. In 2009 the Journal of Natural Products has published scientific research showing that i flavonoids contained in bergamot have an action very similar to that of synthetic statins, or block the enzymes of cholesterol synthesis.

Other studies carried out on patients with high cholesterol show that the use of bergamot juice also contributes to reduce LDL levels, "bad" cholesterol, and ad raise HDL levels, "good" cholesterol.

Hypoglycemic. La Naringenina, polyphenol contained in bergamot juice, in addition to the "anti-cholesterol" activity just seen, increases theassimilation of glucose in the muscles and liver, therefore it contributes to decrease blood glucose levels and to improve the activity ofinsulin.

Anti free radicals. The antioxidant properties of bergamot juice are due to the flavonoids it contains, which increase the activity of enzymes with antioxidant action, limit the production of free radicals on the walls of blood vessels and counteract inflammatory mechanisms.

Vitaminizzante. Given the high content in C vitamin, B1, B2, that improve the absorption of iron, bergamot juice is useful in supporting the therapies for anemia.

Stimulating for the appetite, anti intestinal parasites. These properties are to be attributed to the high concentrations of citric acid.



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